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Adoption Agencies and Foster Homes

Adoption Agencies are organizations licensed and formed for the purpose of placing children into the homes of non-biological parents willing to serve as their permanent legal parents. Non-biological parents assume all legal responsibilities, with their adopted child(ren) gaining the same status and privileges as a biological child, including inheritance rights.

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Before 1851, there were no laws in the United States regulating the adoption of children. While many adoptive parents loved and cared for their children, others used adopted children for profit or labor. The tide began to turn in 1851 when Massachusetts enacted the “Adoption of Children Act,” which directed judges to ensure that adoption decrees were “fit and proper.”


•In 2014, there were 110,373 domestic adoptions within the United States

•5,987 international adoptions (children born outside the United States and adopted by families within the United States)

•2 million American couples are waiting to adopt, equating to 36 couples per each child placed for adoption

•While many adoption agencies are Christian, popular adoption agencies may also be Jewish (Jewish Children’s Adoption Network), Muslim (New Star Kafala), or Secular (Adoption Options).

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Today, many Adoption Agencies are including advocacy and education on becoming a foster parent in addition to their traditional services of placing children with adoptive families. This service is particularly important given the current foster care crisis in the United States.

• In FY19, 423,997 children in the United States were in foster care

•122,216 were eligible for adoption

•only 66,035 were placed for adoption

•More than 23,000 children age-out of foster care annually

Adoption & Foster Agencies in Arkansas

1 / Bethany Christian Services-Little Rock

1100 N. University Ave. Ste 137

Little Rock, AR, 72207


2 / Catholic Charities of Arkansas

2500 N. Tyler Street

Little Rock, AR, 72207


3 / Children's Homes Inc.

2215 Little Flock Drive

Rogers, AR, 72756


4 / Bethany Christian Services-Northwest Arkansas

804 S. Pleasant Street

Springdale, AR, 72761


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